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Based in the city of Edinburgh in Scotland, the food blogger mymonkfish, along with the assistance of the foolhardy Mr Predictable (chief critic and taster), salivates, tests and tries the latest food ventures and restaurant openings in town

  • Reader Blog of the Month - BBC Olive Magazine - June 2011
  • Ranked #13 in The best Scottish websites - The List Magazine (Edinburgh and Glasgow)- (Highest ranked Scottish food blog or website)
  • Ranked #3 - Top blogs - Gastronomy - ebuzzing - February 2012

Salad Club

Salad Club was founded by Rosie French and Ellie Grace. The blog tracks of some of the recipes and ideas which make the best of fresh seasonal ingredients. The Club has also created an occasional bric-a-brac bistro and offers a mobile kitchen service

  • Best Blog - Observer Food Monthly Awards 2010